chef’s table dinner parties

Want to do something a little different for your next dinner party in your home? Interested in creating a meal for some of your favorite wines in your cellar? Is the idea of interacting with a chef while they cook your meal appealing?

Our clients rave about the experience of interacting with friends, family and the chef at a Chef’s Table dinner party.
Relax and enjoy your time together while we professionally attend to the menu planning, food preparation and service.

You can choose to be thoroughly involved in the menu planning, provide some general guidance or some prefer the chef do the all the menu planning after you outline any food restrictions, desired cuisine or beverage pairings.

Our Chef’s Table dinner party option provides the chance to learn a bit about the cuisine, food history and culinary techniques. Chef’s Table parties are designed to accommodate up to 8 people.

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cooking lessons

From Matt’s grandmother and mother, he learned that he loved cooking. From his experience in culinary school, restaurants and hotels, Matt found he loved helping customers learn about their meals, special ingredients or the culinary history of a dish.

With Matt’s Daily Kitchen, we share our culinary knowledge with our clients. We offer not only full-service meal experiences but also the chance to enhance your skills with one-on-one lessons with Matt.

Lessons can be purchased as single 2-hour sessions or as a package of three 2-hour lessons to help you master a technique, skill or meal you wish to prepare for your loved ones. We will be happy to speak with you to help you achieve your culinary learning goals.